VIC Free Water Playgrounds

VIC Free Water Playgrounds

Ron Barassi Snr Park

This park is full of pumps, fountains and mini weirs to play with and keep cool.

Riverwalk Village Park

River walk Park is one of Victoria’s largest water play grounds. It has multiple water features and great for all ages. It also has a 30 minute water cycle before having to start again. This park could keep the kids entertained for hours.

Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden

Here children can have great fun running back and forth through the Spiral Fountains. The fountains run between 10am and 4pm daily.

Nature Play at Royal Park

With fantastic nature play activities this park also features a awesome play area with hand pumps, water sprays and channels to control the flow of water into the sandpit.

Saltwater Coast Crocodile Park

Here the children an play with a large metal crocodile spouting out water into a trough, as the trough overflows water goes into a channel where there are large stepping stones to step across. The water spouts varies heights of water.

Plum Garland Memorial Playground

Here we have a park with stunning water views, it is a fully enclosed area with water play.

Parliament Gardens Reserve

Another water fountain area for kids and parents to walk through and have a play.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

At the Royal Botanic Garden there is a rock pool waterway. Here kids can jump around the tiles of different heights in the slow moving river.

Seville Water Play Park

Here there is water everywhere! Expect to always get super wet and have loads of fun!

Seville Water Play Park

Point Park Crescent

This park has a water pump which allows water to be pumped out and flow along rocky channels into a large sandpit.

Victoria Green, Import Lane

Water play area which allows water to flow from a tap into a crater in the concrete and out a channel into the sandpit

Wombat Bend Playspace

Here we have a fantastic fenced in playground. There is a couple of water channels and a sandpit which the little ones love.

Verona Drive, Kellor Lodge

This playground has a big water pump where kids can pump water into a channel and direct the water via various routes using sluice gates into a sandpit.

The Community Bank Playspace in Hadfield Park, Wallan

Here we have a fantastic playground with a water play area.

Melba Park Playground, Lilydale

This playground has a water feature with a hand pump to draw up the water and release it along a channel with a sluice gate to the rocky watercourse below.

Bundoora Park Play Space Bundoora

This playground is another one with a fun water course area. It has bridges and a water pump.

Plum Garland Memorial Playground

Along the beach in Albert Park this playground has a water play area where you can pump water into a big tank.

Dandenong Park, Lonsdale Street

Another fully fenced playground with a tap that runs water down a trough to the sand pit. Loads of fun for the little ones.

McKenzie Reserve, Bell Street, Yarra Glen

This playground has a big sandpit which has partial shading. It also has a rock waterfall and a water bubbler.

Halliday Park, Mitcham Road

Playground has a water feature with pump, water channel and two sluice gates.

Midlands Reserve Water Park, Ballarat

This water park features water cannons, fountains, high pressure jets, a waterfall, soaking buckets, water umbrella, a five metre high tower and a gentle play area for toddlers. Great day out for kids of all ages, no one is going to be able to stay dry here!

Sebastapol Water Play Park

This park is designed for all ages, it has a variety of spray features, tipping buckets, soaking run through water tunnels and a four way water cannon fight. There is a splash pad for the younger children to be able to stay away from the big splashes.

Metung Water Play Park in East Gippsland

This playground is in a nice location right next to a normal playground. There is a concrete area with water sprays and water runs.

Bright Splash Park, beside Morses Creek in Bright

Has four splash areas designed for all ages from toddlers and up.

The Long Gully Splash Park, Bendigo

This playground has bubblers, tippy buckets, misters, water cannons and loads more. There is 16 water sequences but it also has a dry play area for those who do not want to get wet. A great park for another full day out with the kids.

The Wangaratta Water Play Park

Another playground with a tipping bucket except this one is HUGE. Also has water sprays, a butterfly with sprays, water cannons, small tipping buckets and much much more, another great park for a full day out.
Wangaratta Water Play Park