School Holidays

So us as parents all love school holidays right? RIGHT!? Well I like to think sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t! Having an 11 yr old does make things a little easier (sometimes), she goes off to her friends and sometimes I don’t even get to see her for 1 or 2 days but then she comes home and its like YES Tiarna, I know you’re home, I know you’re bored, I KNOW YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO! So what on earth am I meant to do about it, there is only so far my wallet goes, so many days I want to get out and about and so often I have to sleep early just to keep up with her the next day. I count down, like literally count down until she goes back to school UNLESS I plan out our holidays, so we look at the weather together and we get out our planner and work out what we are doing and when, I found this definitely works a treat because on our “days off” she has to help me with the chores, help clean and tidy and be on her best behavior to be able to go to the next days activities.

The Plan and Ideas

So I have learnt to make a plan, it is ALOT easier to do when it is hotter months, good thing over here in Perth we should still have some hot days over these holidays, so I have planned some water activities! But also over these holidays we are lucky, Tiarna is off on a awesome 3 day outdoor camp! Now heading back to the water activities we live 5 houses down to the beach so one of the days we will head down there, maybe even at night for a night fish, Tiarna loves throwing her rod out and trying to catch things! Not that she catches much but I think she just likes spending some time with us and the beach.

This year I created a list that I wanted to share with you all right here – Top 10 Water Play Idea List.

In my ideas for playing at home you will find things to do and how to do it, like building a recycle water wall, balloon baseball and much more, I plan on trying a few things with Tiarna and when I do I will be putting them in our group to share photos, you can join our group here and we would absolutely love to see you implement some of these cool activities and upload the photos!
Don’t forget to also check out our website which has a list of fun free water playgrounds and water spot locations to visit all provided on our website! Again we would love for you to share them with us!

Now of course even though there is the cool hot days, we do also have to plan for the hot ones!

Some cool ideas could be:

  • Indoor play centers
  • Ice skating rinks
  • The movies have some new releases coming out over the holidays
  • Build some cubby houses with sheets
  • Do some water balloon painting where you can pop the balloons full of colour and pop them over big paper
  • Arts and Crafts

I hope you enjoy your school holidays the same way I am going to, I figure as long as they stay busy I may stay sane….. But I guess we’re about to find out… TO BE CONTINUED đŸ™‚

Enjoying School Holidays