Great White Shark Experience, South Australia

by Adrenaline AU


Experience the chance to see the legendary Great White Shark in its natural habitat. Take a day on the water to visit Shark Bay at the Neptune Islands in South Australia.

$295 for Children 5-15years.



Dive at the chance to see Great White Sharks at The Neptune Islands, South Australia! This fantastic modern vessel comes equipped with a unique 6 person shark sub with incredible underwater 360° views without getting wet. Then you can jump into a cage to really get up close and personal with these amazing creatures ($125 per person for both, payable on the day).

On the way see the spectacular scenery as you cruise through the Thorny Passage and expect sightings of dolphins and local Sea Birds. Nervous about diving with the sharks and not sure if you want to commit before you get on board? No problem. When the Great White Sharks arrive you can opt to get into the cage to actually swim with these endangered species for just $125. Dives generally last 45 minutes.

This is the only burley free Eco-friendly Great White Shark Cage Diving Experience in Australia. Instead of using blood and fish, using audio sound vibrations to attract the sharks, with ACDC being the Great White’s favourite music!


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