NT Free Water Slides & Playgrounds

NT Free Water Slides

Leanyer Recreation Park

Leanyer Park is one of the best water parks in Darwin, it is full of water fun activities and is completely free! There are water slides, tipping buckets, swimming pool area, multiple water firing stations and a dry play equipment. It is suitable for children of all ages including a paddling pool for the littler ones. The dry play equipment is open until 8pm however the water slides and water play areas close at 6pm. There is also bbq facilities and picnic areas to be able to spend the entire day here!

Palmerston Water Park

Another huge water play area that is free. With multiple water slides, fountains and jet sprays, this play equipment is great for all ages and a fantastic way to keep cool on those hotter days. Wet play area are open until 6pm. Great paddling pool for the younger kids to enjoy a splash! 

Palmerston Water Park