Having a baby that has no fear of the water is great sometimes but not so great others, my youngest Lillie is an absolute water baby, she will run in to any water she wants without a second thought. Of course, this makes me happy because I love the water, and we spend a lot of our time around water, but it also makes me afraid because well, water can be dangerous. Last weekend we went down to one of our most favourite spots, Lillie went on the wake boat and absolutely loved every minute of it, she was loving watching our friends wake board and waving away to them so happy, she jumped off the back of the boats back board into the water with the bigger kids, including her big sister Tiarna (have I mentioned Lillie is only 18months old). We quickly learnt that we cannot rely on just us being in the water all the time and we need to invest in a tiny life jacket for times like this!

Water Baby

Lillie also loves playing on our big blow up slide, she goes down the slide with no fear, dips her face in the water then slowly pulls it back out again – she is very clever in knowing her face cannot stay under, I put this down to starting her in swimming lessons super early, she started at 10 weeks old and was great even then! So, I get to my next point in just how important is it to start your little ones in swimming early?

Water Play

Lillie did not just do water play at a young age in her swimming lessons, she also did survival things, blowing bubbles, kicking to the edge of the pools, popping her head up out of the water and learning to close her eyes when she went under water and much more. I highly recommend getting your little ones into swimming lessons at a very early age to help prevent any accidents!

Here are a few top tips on what to do if you have a water baby

  1. Ensure you always have your eyes on them! They are faster than you could imagine.
  2. Find an amazing swim school local to your area and get them in to lessons asap
  3. Ensure your little ones are always at arm’s reach when near/in water
  4. For those who have pools/ponds or any other body of water – ensure pool gates are always to council standard, keep your doors locked as little ones can get out better than you think.
  5. Empty the bath as soon as you take your child out, a water baby will always try and find their way back there!
  6. Sunscreen sunscreen, SUNSCREEN! Babies burn a lot easier with their sensitive skin!
  7. Don’t forget rashies and hats

Life With A Water Baby

REMEMBER – Toddlers can drown in in VERY shallow water, such as baths and ponds.