Do you love to surf? Do you love water sports? Are you a water activity junkie? Do you like to follow the waves? Do you enjoy traveling to some of the best surf destinations in the world? This one is for you!

Kalon Surf, Costa Rica’s premier luxury surf resort, has announced a new partnership with global lifestyle brand Ted Baker this week.

The partnership begins with an injection of colour and quirkiness brought to the resort via the Ted Baker clothing range which will be worn by Kalon’s hosts. The brand’s design aesthetic boldly complements the beautiful tropical surroundings of the resort.

Kalon is committed to working with companies who share their principles of quality, creativity and sustainability and Ted Baker joins leading surfwear brand Outerknown and board-maker Firewire as Kalon’s latest brand partner.

Kalon Surf Launches Partnership

“I am excited to announce our new partnership with Ted Baker,” Kalon Surf COO Silene Vega Delgado commented.

“We are always looking to work with like-minded companies and like Kalon, Ted Baker is a conte mporary, colourful and forward-thinking brand which is perfectly aligned with our vision and our philosophy.

“We love the sense of fun which the clothes bring to the resort and they definitely add to the ambience we have created. We look forward to developing the partnership further and we have some great creative ideas in development which I’m sure our guests will love.”

The two brands are currently in discussion to look at other areas of the Kalon Surf experience which can be developed to give guests the opportunity to further enjoy the vibrancy of the Ted Baker brand.

“Similar to the Kalon experience, each Ted Baker piece is crafted by us with precision and care because we have a deep understanding of luxury clothing, Ted Baker’s, Digital Commerce Director Craig Smith commented.

“It’s our goal to continually partner with like-minded companies such as Kalon and immerse guests in the world of Ted Baker – especially in locations as idyllic as Costa Rica where our vibrant clothing is so well suited.”

The partnership between Kalon Surf and Ted Baker commences immediately.

A little more about Kalon Surf and Ted Baker

Kalon Surf is located in Dominical, Costa Rica, and offers an all-inclusive 7 night package to travellers who want to learn how to surf or improve their surfing skills. The signature Kalon package includes luxury accommodation, surf coaching at all levels, gourmet cuisine, pilates, massage, and a unique luxury experience where guests can combine adventure with relaxation.

Ted Baker London is world-renowned for its stylish and sophisticated menswear, womenswear, accessories (and everything in between), and loved for its quality and distinctive use of design and colour. With the perfect blend of attention to detail, beautiful designs and high quality fabrics, Ted mixes traditional and contemporary influences with an irreverent sense of humour and a quintessential British attitude.

Kalon Surf