Ever had a sense of pure relaxation? Where you feel like there is nothing else in the world except you and that moment. That’s how I feel every time I jump in the water. I always feel like all my problems are gone because well, I leave them at the surface. Mind you, I have had a few times where I have jumped in the ocean with the OH SHIT feeling! Usually that’s if there’s a big stingray, a gorgeous reef shark or if the visibility is no good before I jump in and I might poop my pants for a second or two. It doesn’t take long to get lost again in that relaxation feeling. Adrenalin runs through my veins anytime I am in the water. There is something about the serenity of being close to magical creatures underwater whether it be via snorkel or diving.


A Little About Katie

The ocean has always been a part of my life. More recently, I have started trying out lakes and rivers as well, mainly to try this thing called wakeboarding. What is this nonsense? Well I tell you what it is hard work but bloody awesome! I got up third go on my first time trying it out! If you wakeboard then you would know that’s pretty darn impressive! In saying that I am pretty sure I couldn’t move for good 2 weeks after that weekend. It’s like a full few hours gym work out in 2 minutes but totally worth it. It doesn’t hurt so badly after I go out now, unless of course I rip a nail off.

As a single mum you can imagine how life can be at times raising a kid all alone. For a moment I lost myself in my own thoughts and regrets. I forgot about the ocean and I gave myself a back seat in my own life. But I didn’t let it take over me completely cause 5 years later here I am, doing things I never thought I would do in my lifetime. Creating a bucket list that involved risk taking helped spiced up my life. I have just restarted my bucket list after getting married and having another little girl. My bucket list is filled mostly with water activities because I am a water baby haha! My bucket list consists of things like dipping my feet in the water. Not just any water but swimming in a cage with 9 magnificent great white sharks!

Now I sit down smiling ear to ear as I start this new venture in my life “My Aqventure”. I started My Aqventure to help others get connected with the water. Whether it be for family time or an adventure. I’m here to help you put one foot in front of the other and take the plunge. So you may experience as much happiness as I have on my journey to completing my bucket list.