I have been diving since I was 16yrs of age and have loved every minute of it. In this article I am going to share with you some of the amazing adventures I have done personally, as well as the ones on my bucket list! After becoming a mother my adventures slowed down, but more recently I have started up my list again!

There is 7,692km2 of Australian soil to see, in our lifetime we may not see it all, but we will definitely come across some amazing destinations for the lovers of the ocean, throughout the country you can find dive locations in each and every corner. But I am always left wondering, is there more than the usual places you see?

Where are the hidden gems, the unseeable locations where only a select few people know about and are able to go?

There are always the sites where you can see incredible coral reefs, sunken wrecks and magnificent creatures beyond the sea, but where are those places that you do not read about every day?

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WA – the hidden wrecks, the bigger animals, manta rays, the sharks and turtles

I have dived or snorkelled in most of the locations along the Western Australian coast, there are multiple locations ranging from the South West right up to the North West, nearly every location you go along the coast will showcase West Australia’s beautiful ocean and what has to offer.

Starting down south of Western Australia there are some amazing wrecks to visit, I am lucky enough to have visited them all! HMAS Perth which is hidden down in Albany right on the South West Coast, this dive takes you down a whopping 35metres – this is one for the advanced divers, then as you continue North you have HMAS Swan in Busselton , this is one for the beginner dives located at just 6m below the surface and the Lena wreck which is also great for all levels of experience as it is 18m below the surface, Lena is located in Bunbury. All of these wrecks offer a unique dive where you can expect to not just the wreck but a lot of different sea life as well.

As you continue up the coast you come across one of Perth’s hidden gems – the Shark Cave which is located near Rottnest Island, many dive companies offer tours to many of these areas and one of the companies in which I have found to offer incredible dives is Bucket List Divers, located in Fremantle W.A. Now the Shark Cave is an amazing site to see, home to the endangered Grey Nurse shark you can expect to see up to 15 at one time, not to mention the beautiful corals and sea-life surrounding the area, this is a must see! I have been lucky enough to see this first hand.

Heading north up the Western Australian Coast we can expect to find the Ningaloo Reef, located 1,200km north of Perth, the Ningaloo Reef stretches a huge 260km in length, along this coast you will find multiple locations for diving. Along the Ningaloo Reef you can be likely to engage in some relaxing glides with the beautiful Manta Rays, now swimming with the Manta Ray is not like swimming with a shark or fast sea animal, it is relaxing and amazing to watch as they glide through the ocean, coming in at nearly double your size.

When you reach Coral Bay you have Ashos Gap, expect to come face to face with some amazing sea turtles and reef sharks in this area, also known as the cleaning station for sharks it is an amazing hidden gem! This area can be accessed by snorkelling as well as diving, the best thing I found to do if you choose to snorkel is to duck dive down as far as you can and be down amongst all the beautiful sharks, it really is an intense experience, but again a must see.

Exmouth and the Northern Territory – whale sharks and warships

We then follow on around Australia and we come to Exmouth, Exmouth is on my bucket list to complete next year because we have the lovely Navy Pier an incredible site to visit and you can also swim with one of the world’s largest sea animals, the Whale Sharks; this is definitely a must do for those who want to experience something a little different and I cannot wait to do this myself. Click here to book your swim with the Whale Shark now.

Continuing on we end up in the Darwin, diving in Darwin Harbour is rare due to its high tides however it is extremely rewarding if you get the opportunity to go, there is an amazing wreck site and reefs to see.

Reef Magic, Rare Tropical Fish and Minke Whales

Queensland – reef magic, rare tropical fish and Minke whales

The Queensland area is another amazing location that is on the top of my bucket list now I have completed the rest, diving along all of these areas are a must for divers with any experience level. North Queensland’s popular dive destination, Port Douglas, usually offers trips to the northern Great Barrier Reef, however here you can visit the beautiful Ribbon Reef. Here you are likely to see amazing fish species and it is not rare to see the Whitetip Reef Shark.

Keep traveling south and you will reach Cairns, visiting the Osprey Reef you can expect to see fish, dolphins and on the rare occasion depending on the season you can even see Minke whales!

We then start making our way down the Eastern Coast and we come across Townsville, here you can find one of the most beautiful diving locations, Yongala Wreck as well as the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is an incredible reef stretching 2,300km in length, you can dive in nearly every area along the Queensland border where you can expect to see turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, whales and much much more.

Some of the stand out locations include Cod Hole and Bougainville Reef. If you head out to the Whitsundays, there are multiple diving locations just off the island that also come under the Great Barrier Reef area.

For some amazing Dive tours in Queensland you can contact Queensland Scuba Company, they cover the whole Great Barrier Reef with options for all diving levels.

New South Wales

As we keep making our way around Australia we then hit New South Wales, here we can expect to find some unique dive locations which include Byron Bay, at these locations you can expect to see Grey Nurse Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Humpback, Sea Turtles, fish and more. Also located in New South Wales you have Lord Howe Island which is also great for diving!

Byron Bay


Continuing we come to Victoria, now many of the locations in Victoria I have been lucky to have experienced, and most again are for all experience levels, Port Phillip By you have the wreck OF Eliza Ramsden, Hurricane wreck and William Salthouse Wreck as well as Portsea Hole.

Then if you visit Port Phillip Heads expect to see Lonsdale and Nepean Wall, here expect to see hundreds of different fish species the Lonsdale Wall is 8m-50m in depth so remember if you are a beginner diver you are to only dive 18m however the Nepean Wall is one for the advanced divers sitting 24m-60m in depth. If you then head to Phillip Island you can visit Pyramid rock, there are some incredible sites to see!

If you also take the time, there is many different locations for shore and boat dives with lots of different marine life to be seen.

South Australia – home of the Great White Shark

As we keep heading along the coast we reach our final state, South Australia here we can expect some insanely unique diving locations and adventures. In South Australia you can also tick some things off that must needed bucket list, for example a dive with the most misunderstood, magnificent ocean creature the Great White Shark.

Diving in Adelaide there are some spectacular sites to be seen; you can visit Port Noarlunga Reef, this is a self-guided dive trail where you can expect to see multiple sea animals including 60 different fish species and 200 marine plants!

You also have wrecks to visit here which include, HMAS Hobart, The Star of Greek Wreck, Investigator Strait Wreck Trail which highlights 10 vessels wrecked in the region.

Now if you are after the rare thrills, in South Australia you can swim with Australia Sea Lions at Baird Bay on the Eyre Peninsula and for those who are more adventurous you can head to Port Lincoln on of the Great White Shark expeditions and expect to cage dive with the larger creatures of the deep blue sea. I was lucky enough to knock the top bucket list item off back in 2013 when I came face to face with 9 Great White Sharks ranging in sizes from 3-5.5meters in length, it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever done, if this is not on your bucket list, put it on there!

Great White Shark

Australia has some of the most amazing dive site locations as you make your way from the Western Australian coast right around and back again.

Each location will always offer you shore dives, boat dives and guided dive tours. You will be able to see most of the sea life Australia home as well as some of the more unique animals in each location.

Scuba diving shows you another side to the most misunderstood animals as well as giving you an understanding and sense of relaxation.

For more information on dive locations and the companies who offer diving excursions, visit Your Aqventure.